Common Problem 2

'Our daughter turns 18 this year.  She currently attends a special school,  We have her review of her statement coming up in December and understand the Local Authority will be transferring her from a statement to an EHC plan.  Our daughter is very keen to gain a catering qualification that will enable her to get a job in catering when she finishes her education.  The Local Authority has issued a draft EHC plan and has said she can attend the local FE college.  We have funded an assessment for her at a specialist residential college and they have offered her a place.   She is very keen to go to the specialist college.  What can we do to help her achieve her wishes?'


1.  Arrange a meeting with your daughter's current school to discuss the arrangements for the Transfer Review.   Questions to consider:


  • What level of independence has your daughter achieved - does she need specialist input to achieve life and independence skills?
  • Would the school support her wish to gain specialist catering qualifications?

2.  Visit the local FE college/s.  See what qualifications would be available to your daughter - how do these qualifications compare with the qualifications she could study at the specialist college?


3.  Consider whether the specialist college is able to provide additional therapy input (for example Speech and Language therapy or Occupational therapy) that your daughter may require?  Can this be provided at the local FE colleges?


4.  Once the draft EHC plan is issued, it will be important to ensure that Section F contains the actual course or courses that can be studied at the specialist college, including if the course is a two or three year course.


If the Local Authority refuses to name the specialist college, your daughter will have a right of appeal against the final Education, Health and Care plan issued by the Local Authority. 


For further information about appeals see here.


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