What is the SEND Tribunal and the Appeals system?

The First-tier Tribunal (also known as the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal) is the court which decides appeals made against decisions made by Local Authorities about children or young persons with special educational needs.  


For information about the appeal process, we advise you to download 'How to appeal a Special Educational and Disability (SEND) Decision' Form 37, available here.  


In addition, the Tribunal has produced a set of six YouTube Videos about the appeal process, including how to prepare for the hearing.  You can watch them here.


The Tribunal panel will make their decision according to the evidence.  For more information about different kinds of evidence, and how to gather evidence to support your appeal, see here.


The Tribunal has its own Rules and Regulations which cover the appeal process, and how decisions are to be made, available to download here.  The Tribunal must also follow the guidance in the SEND Code of Practice, 2015, available to download here.