The System - Introduction

Working through the website

Start by looking at The System. This section tells you how the system should work, and should help you to identify where your child is in the system.


Then look at How to Argue.  This section gives advice on how to make your case as convincing as possible.  We give general advice on the skills you need to get help for your child, such as working with schools, note-taking and video evidence.


The How to Appeal sections tells you how to appeal against Local Authority decisions affecting your child, including when and what you can appeal.  


Are you eligible for Legal Aid to help with the preparation of your appeal?  For more information see here.


The System section aims to give an understanding of the SEN system.


How the system should work gives an overview of the system.


The Local Offer examines how Local Authorities should outline what provision they make for children and young people with SEN.


SEN Support details how pre-schools, schools and colleges should assess and support children and young people with SEN without EHC plans.


EHC needs assessments describes the statutory assessment process, including how parents should be involved


EHC plans examines how the plan should be written and their importance.


The System