Common Problem (16-25) 1

'At a recent meeting to review our son's EHC plan, the Local Authority caseworker informed us that they thought he could transfer to the local FE college and they intended to cease his EHC plan.  He is just 16 and has ASD and ADHD.  He is highly vulnerable and there is no way he will be able to attend college without a very high level of support.   What can we do?'  

1.  Your son will have the right of appeal to challenge the Local Authority's decision to 'cease to maintain his EHC plan'.  

2.  The main argument is whether your son has achieved the Outcomes (listed in Section E) of his EHC plan.    If he has not achieved his Outcomes, then he will be able to argue that he needs the support provided by the EHC plan to remain in place.

3.  Has your son expressed any views about what he wants to do when he leaves school/college?  Is there a particular course he is keen to study?


For further information about appeals, see here.


Sixteen to Twenty Five